Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ballroom Class

This is the description blog of what goes on in Ballroom Dance Class /Classes in Ithaca and else-where.

First the Romance of Ballroom Dance:

Ballroom dancing a time ago was swept in complete gentleness of culture of refinement, deep purpose, and literary greatness, where tea was the latest craz, and gossip hop'ed from one drawing room to another. The dress worth a fortune, and the men lavished the women they loved with expensive jewels, which if some one would total the national collection of American citizens inventory, it could purchase the entire city of Paris outright. The floors clean, and the shoes stepped lively to every tune with grace and posse to envy of any princess and prince. This was " the " time, and the air that swirl about, you knew Ballroom Dance was at it's height of greatness.

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hira salman said...

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